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Illegal Trails Violate City Policy

Trail Building Doesn’t Follow Adopted Plans

In 1992 Belmont adopted a Park and Open Space Master Plan to guide the management of Waterdog, and in 1998 the City Council approved a trail map for Waterdog. But the reality of what was built violates both the Master Plan and the approved trail map.

The Open Space Master Plan clearly spells out trail standards, designating the narrow natural surface trails lower in the canyon for hiking ONLY. The 1998 trail map affirms that plan. Other City documents reveal the intent to prioritize conservation over recreation, and to ensure the long-term protection of our Open Space ecosystem. Now these policies are being ignored, and residents need to pressure today’s City officials to enforce City policies.



Illegal Trails - Bike Jumps

Quick Summary (5 minutes)
City Policy Ignored 5 Min
Entire Presentation (24 minutes)
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