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Open Space Management Plan - June 2022 Draft

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Open Space
Management Plan
Final Draft - June 2022

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Issues and Challanges - Documents

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Guideline for Off Road
Use of Bicycles

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Criteria, etiquette and education to reduce bicycle impacts for City land management policy.

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Illegal Trails Violate
City Policy


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Over Developed Trails

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Illegal Trails Violate
John Brooks Contract

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Cashen Environmental

Commissioned by
Friends of Waterdog

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Waterdog Wildlife Corridor

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Belmont Open Space Guiding Documents

Belmont residents and elected representatives have long cited protection of Open Space as a priority. City planning documents enshrine this protection, however lax enforcement and failure to abide by these guiding plans have allowed exploitation and degradation of Waterdog.


Adopted by the City in 1992, this plan is the blueprint that guides development decisions for City parks and open space.  The City has now embarked on a long overdue update, but until that is completed all Park and Open Space policies must conform with this Plan.

Parks & Open Space Master Plan

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1998 Adopted Trail


This City Council resolution designates 7 trails for single-use of hikers and 6 for multi-use, with trail signage to direct users.

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John Brooks Gift

1977 contract and City resolution guaranteeing “...the acreage will be maintained in perpetuity as an unspoiled area or ‘green belt’ to preserve the trees and natural environment.”

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In 2015 the City adopted a new General Plan – the guiding blueprint for city-wide policy and development decisions thru 2035.  The Conservation Element is one chapter of that plan, addressing the specific concerns of Conservation, including Open Space policies.

Belmont General Plan Conservation Element

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Western Hills Area 


Adopted in 1990, this City plan designates the Western Hills as as "a significant enclave of natural habitat" and describes the environmental protection policies for the Open Space, which encompasses the 180 acres of  Hidden Canyon.

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Hidden Canyon


The grant deed limiting uses to natural open space, footpaths and public utility easements.

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Belmont Riparian 


Streams and wetlands are complex, living systems where many plants and animals make their home. The stream corridor, including vegetation along the bank, is known as the riparian area.  This doucment describes Belmont's guidelines for management of riparian zones. 

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Waterdog Lake Lease

The reservoir and earthen dam on 50 acres is leased by the City from Notre Dame University through 2064.

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