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Sample Email

Below are suggested comments you can copy-paste and

send to the email link provided. 

Please personalize with your own comments and concerns.

Dear Parks and Recreation Commissioners and City Council,

Future generations count on us to preserve our Open Spaces' healthy ecosystems while allowing safe, sustainable recreation.  To ensure this, our Open Space Master Plan should:


  • Close unsanctioned trails and realign those that damage ecosystems or fragment wildlife habitat

  • Designate narrow trails for hiking only, to ensure safe access for users of all ages, abilities and interests

  • Prohibit e-bikes and enforce maximum bike speeds of 15 mph for safety of all visitors and wildlife

  • Fund Open Spaces commensurate with the funding of other parks and sporting fields

  • Implement conservation-driven standards for habitat, vegetation and trail maintenance


Please incorporate these policies into the new Open Space Master Plan!


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