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Exploding Mountain Bike Traffic Impacts Ecology

Waterdog Beauty Destroyed


Maintenance Can’t Keep Up with Damages

Belmont’s Open Space is loved by residents for its scenic beauty, wildlife, and tranquility.  But it is being ‘loved to death’ by some who prioritize speed and thrills over conservation of natural habitat, and the damages are mounting faster than the ability of volunteers to repair.

As much as we try to get along in our shared spaces, we have to admit that all uses are not compatible. As stewards of this threatened ecosystem, can we justify prioritizing recreation over conservation?

Read this illustrated full report exposing the extensive environmental damage to Waterdog Open Space, or view the video below for a summary.

root damage.jpg
ohlone bypass.jpg
ohlone bike cut.jpg
S Rambler straight further.jpg
Rambler erosion R.jpg
rutting 1.jpg
WD-JB DSCN3184.jpg
Finch switchback.jpg
UppCrk sideJump.jpg
Hastings deadzone.jpg
dead zone Rambler top.jpg
built berm.jpg
deadzone 2.jpg
walling 09222020 DSCN3242.jpg

Waterdog Environmental Damage (4 minutes)

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