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Solutions for a Safer Waterdog

Provide safe, equitable access for families, seniors, and users of all abilities and interests.

Multi-Use trails shared safely:

  • Wider to allow safe passing

  • Gravel surface to reduce erosion

  • Under 10% slope to slow speeds

  • 15 MPH bike speed enforced

Single-Use trails off-limits to bikes:

  • Narrower, natural surface

  • Lower down in canyons

  • Tranquil nature-focused experience

Close Unplanned Trails

  • Riparian trail bisects sensitive habitat

  • Soho trail violates John Brooks Preserve contract

  • Rambler (East) crosses unstable slopes

Trails built sustainably prevent water damage

How trail designers build good hikes

Provide Connectivity with a Bike-Circuit of Wider, Hardened Trails

  • 4 miles with 6 entrances

  • Safe passing for shared use

  • Gravel surface reduces erosion

  • Equitable access for biker exercise and transit

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Follow Sierra Club Criteria for Bike Use

Prohibit Bike Use Where It Causes:

  • Significant damage to soil, plants or animals

  • Endangers other users due to speed, grade or surfaces

  • Displacement or annoyance of other users

Prohibit ALL Classes of E-Bikes

  • E-Classes 1, 2, 3 indistinguishable, making enforcement impossible.

  • Added weight and speed increases trail wear.

  • Added capability, added riders, added trail miles impacted per rider.

  • Added power encourages speeding.

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