Belmont is poised to make it official

Bikes will continue to dominate ALL Waterdog trails,
while hikers told to go take a hike elsewhere !

Act Now

Tell City Council this policy is dangerous and inequitable

Tue Jul 26 at 7 PM 

(Delayed till September)

Final hearing on the 15-Year Open Space Master Plan

ZOOM (ID 95745673035) to make public comments

Please email and tell Belmont City Council:

1. Designate the narrow, steep or wooded trails for single-use

    hiking-only; the wide trails for multi-use.

    I want to hike safely and peacefully without bikes forcing

me off the trails.

2. Close ALL illegal trails. They are dangerous, confusing,

    and damage our open space.

Visitor safety and the health of our Open Space are priorities;
the sport of mountain biking should not be allowed to endanger either.

Safety for All
Illegal Trails

City Council Meeting, July 12, 2022
Public Comments by Residents

Hiker Injured on Waterdog Trail

E-bike Battery Thermal Wildfire

Who We Are

Waterdog is one of the few remaining natural places in urbanized Belmont.  Its tranquility contributes to our quality of life.  As Belmont residents, we urge City Officials to take decisive action to restore and maintain Waterdog Open Space for future generations.

As a Community we share these goals for our valued open spaces​

  • Safe and well maintained trails for users of all ages and abilities.

  • Sustainable wildlife habitat and a healthy forest for future generations.

  • Equitable access for users of all interests including nature, exercise, learning and just tranquility.

A Tour of Waterdog Open Space - Its Beauty and Destruction


1.  Please designate the narrow steep and wooded trails

     for single-use hiking only; the wide trails for multi-use.

2.  Please close all illegal trails. They are dangerous,

     confusing and damage our open space.