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As a Community we share these goals for our valued open spaces

  • Safe and well maintained trails for users of all ages and abilities.

  • Sustainable wildlife habitat and a healthy forest for future generations.

  • Equitable access for users of all interests including sport, nature, learning and just tranquility.

Provide safe, equitable access for families, seniors, and users of all abilities and interests.

Multi-Use trails shared safely:

  • Wider to allow safe passing

  • Gravel surface to reduce erosion

  • Under 10% slope to slow speeds

  • 15 MPH bike speed enforced

Single-Use trails off-limits to bikes:

  • Narrower, natural surface

  • Lower down in canyons

  • Tranquil nature-focused experience

Close Unplanned Trails

  • Riparian trail bisects sensitive habitat

  • Soho trail violates John Brooks Preserve contract

  • Rambler (East) crosses unstable slopes


Realign Un-Sustainable Trails

  • Finch (East) switchbacks dangerous

  • Canyon Creek damaging waterway


Provide Connectivity with a Bike-Circuit of Wider, Hardened Trails

  • 3 miles with 6 entrances

  • Safe passing for shared use

  • Gravel surface reduces erosion

  • Equitable access for biker exercise and transit

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Follow Sierra Club Criteria for Bike Use

Prohibit Bike Use Where It Causes:

  • Significant damage to soil, plants or animals

  • Endangers other users due to speed, grade or surfaces

  • Displacement or annoyance of other users

Prohibit ALL Classes of E-Bikes

  • E-Classes 1, 2, 3 indistinguishable, making enforcement impossible.

  • Added weight and speed increases trail wear.

  • Added capability, added riders, added trail miles impacted per rider.

  • Added power encourages speeding.

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Now is the Time to Defend Waterdog Open Space

The Belmont Parks & Recreation Department is nearing completion of a Master Plan that will guide Open Space policies for the next 20 years.

Email your comments, or copy-paste those below, to:

Belmont Parks Commission and City Council.

Dear Parks and Recreation Commissioners and City Council,

Future generations count on us to preserve our Open Spaces' healthy ecosystems while allowing safe, sustainable recreation.  To ensure this, our Open Space Master Plan should:


  • Close unsanctioned trails and realign those that damage ecosystems or fragment wildlife habitat

  • Designate narrow trails for hiking only, to ensure safe access for users of all ages, abilities and interests

  • Prohibit e-bikes and enforce maximum bike speeds of 15 mph for safety of all visitors and wildlife

  • Fund Open Spaces commensurate with the funding of other parks and sporting fields

  • Implement conservation-driven standards for habitat, vegetation and trail maintenance


Please incorporate these policies into the new Open Space Master Plan!


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