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Over Development is Poor Stewardship

Is Waterdog an Open Space Preserve or a Mountain Bike Park?
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Waterdog has more miles of trail per acre than ANY Open Space in the San Mateo region, and twice the trail density of other comparable small preserves. Excessive trail density disrupts wildlife, fragments habitat, causes erosion, impacts waterways, and damages the ecosystem.

Waterdog has more bike trail miles than all but four of the largest preserves in the San Mateo County Region. The miles and density of trails for sport biking makes Waterdog a regional destination bike-park, attracting bikers from all over the bay area. Is this the use that Belmont residents envisioned for their open space?

This comprehensive survey of open space areas of the San Mateo region adds up the data to show that Belmont’s lax policies do NOT comport with best-practices embraced by other land stewards. 

Quick Summary (3 minutes)
Entire Presentation (12 minutes)
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